Steel frame deserves a helping hand

Simplifying construction with rendered rainscreen

helping handsWhen it comes to rainscreen facades onto steel frame, most cladding materials will likely have a rainscreen support system or façade mounting system specified.  These are commonly known as ‘helping hands’.

Steel frame deserves a ‘helping hand’

When render facades are specified for a steel frame it is often a different story – our Technical Team have seen all types of systems cobbled together that only complicate the build process. However, in many cases with a rendered rainscreen façade, a ‘helping hands’ system can be used to simplify the construction process and allow for easier interfaces between cladding finishes.

It can be surprising how often you come across a steel frame development that has render specified and the building fabrics in-between are either over engineered or complicated, not allowing for an easy transition between finishes. With ProWall, our rendered rainscreen cladding system, we recommend the use of ‘helping hand’ brackets for all applications involving steel frame.

The Prowall rainscreen system

The ProWall system in conjunction with ‘helping hands’ brackets has many benefits, including:

The ProWall system can be used with all leading bracket manufactures such as Nvelope, Hilti Eurofox, Amari Allface and others. ProWall uses our advanced render carrier board and cavity barrier fire seals, and is finished with highly water-resistant silicone render – take a look at the finishes and colours here.

For more information or if you have any questions on the use of ProWall with ‘helping hands’, please contact our technical team on 01647 24620.


Posted by Adam Powell, Technical Consultant on 6 December 2017 | Comments