Prorend Mineraltex

ProRend Mineraltex is a premium factory batched proprietary mineral thin-coat render. This attractive render is available in white and can be painted using our Siliconecoat paint to in excess of 65,000 colours, Minetaltex provides an ideal mineral finish for masonry type substrates and has an attractive 2mm uniform finish.

Available in the following Textures

  • Ashlar
  • Spray
  • Uniform

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal large developer render system: saves time and money compared to traditional sand and cement or monocouche renders
  • Hand apply with hawk and trowel: finish with ProRend Mineraltex sponge float
  • Speed of application - cover large areas quickly
  • Low tension render system due to 2 coat application
  • Low maintenance mineral finish
  • Ease of repair

Ideal Substrates

  • 7kN, 3.5kN and lightweight blockwork
  • Existing render unpainted
  • New sand and cement
  • Brickwork
  • Pre-cast concrete


ProRend Mineraltex is a low maintenance render, see the benefits:

  • Maintain ProRend Mineraltex by power-washing to clean away any dirt or organic material.
  • Overcoat ProRend Mineraltex with paint to maintain the longevity of the system. Painting is required periodically at least every 12 - 14 years depending upon site conditions - refer to SAS maintenance datasheet for further details
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