1 Coat 2 Pass Monocouche Render

GoRend HBS is a factory batched, through-coloured render, specifically designed and formulated for new build properties. GoRend HBS monocouche is quick and easy to apply in one coat over new blockwork and has an attractive and durable 2mm scraped aggregate finish. GoRend HBS has BBA certification for durability for 25 years.


Features and benefits

  • 13 standard colours - next working day delivery available (subject to availability)
  • Fast application
  • 5-36 hours scrape time depending on weather conditions
  • Suitable for machine and hand application
  • Through coloured - low maintenance decorative finish
  • No basecoat is required - Direct application to concrete block is cost-effective and fast.
  • High tensile and compressive strength - gives long term durability
  • Vapour permeable - allows walls to breathe, providing a healthy living environment
  • BBA certification for durability and non-combustibility

Ideal Substrates

  • Lightweight blockwork
  • Existing render unpainted
  • Brickwork
  • Pre-cast Concrete


Render reinforcement mesh

GoMesh will provide your exterior render with strength and crack resistance for a fantastic finish for years to come. GoMesh render reinforcement mesh has been developed to add strength and flexibility to monocouche through-coloured renders and is ideal for use with GoRend HBS.

For mesh for use with other construction products also see ProMesh, our premium range of 5 mesh grades.

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Render Simulator

Visualise what your house could look like in our standard range of colours

  • whiteWhite
  • wheatWheat
  • sunbeamSunbeam
  • sageSage
  • oceanOcean
  • Mr. WhippyMr. Whippy
  • ivoryIvory
  • fawnFawn
  • dolphinDolphin
  • candyCandy
  • brickBrick
  • bambooBamboo
  • African GreyAfrican Grey
example house render

This is an indication only, and final colour choices should be made from a physical sample. Please contact us to request your free samples.

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General Information
Packaging25kg Bags
Bags / pallet40
Application thicknessAfter scraping
On backing coatca. 12 mmca. 10 mm
One coat renderca. 17 mmca. 15 mm
BS EN 13914-1:2005Design, preparation and application of external rendering and internal plastering should be followed at all times.
Technical Data
Dry bulk density1650 kg/m3
Compressive strengthCS IV
Adhesion≥ 2.0N/mm2, (FB) B
Reaction to fireA1
Water absorptionW1
Water vapour permeability µ≤ 15
Water vapour diffusion coefficient15/35
Thermal conductivity λ(10, dry) 0.82 W/mK (tab. mean value; P = 50%)
nb. Subject to alteration due to technical developments.
Additional Technical Data
SiteworkScaffolding must be independently tied, to allow uninterrupted application. Any faults in the structure, particularly those which may lead to moisture penetration, must be rectified.
Site ConditionsTemperature range, 5 - 30 degrees centigrade. GoRend HBS must not be applied to frozen or thawing substrates. If the coating must be applied in adverse weather conditions, it is essential to protect both the working area and finish before and after application.
SubstrateGoRend HBS can be applied as a one coat render on medium density blockwork with normal suction. For aerated concrete and low density blocks apply onto backing of ProRend Prep or Lime Cement Primer. For high density masonry and concrete, apply onto backing of ProRend Prep.
PreperationThe background has to be supporting and free from dust, loose particles, damp and other pollution which can be of disadvantage to the bonding. Protect fresh render work against weather influences.
ApplicationMix whole bags at a time to avoid separation of additives, mix with approx 5 litres of water to a homogenous, lump free mass, allow to stand for 5 minutes and mix again. Inconsistency in water content can cause colour variations. Apply GoRend HBS with a stainless steeltrowel or rendering machine. Rule level with an aluminium straight edge and spatula flat. When sufficiently dry, between 5 – 36 hours depending on drying conditions, scrape the surface to achieve a uniform colour and texture. Any areas left un-scraped will result in a difference in colour and texture.
CuringCuring with clean water may be necessary during rapid drying conditions.
VariationsThe chosen colour can differ slightly from the original sample or colour chart. This is due to varying factors including application conditions and background. Subsequent orders of different batches can also moderately vary for which we cannot be held responsible.
Health & SafetyCement powder mixed with water releases alkali. Prolonged skin contact should be avoided to prevent irritation (use barrier cream if necessary). Eye protection is recommended. If gloves are worn, they should not be plastic/latex.


GoRend HBS coloured render is mixed with clean water and applied to new blockwork in 2 passes, “wet on wet”. GoMesh or ProMesh Grade 5 is embedded in to the first pass, around all apertures and stress points (fully meshed on lightweight block).

GoRend HBS is then levelled off, flattened and left to dry. Once the GoRend HBS has had sufficient time to dry (5-36 hours depending on weather conditions) it is then scraped back with a nail float, any loose scrapings brushed off and then left to fully cure.

You can also achieve a tyrolean finish with GoRend HBS using a hopper fed gun with compressor - see our video How To Machine Apply a Tyrolean Finish.

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GoRend HBs is a 'monocouche' (one coat) exterior wall render that provides decoration and protection from the elements. Monocouche render comes pre-bagged, in factory-batched bags of dry powder. The terms' through colour render' and 'scraped finish render' are associated with monocouche as the dry powder includes colour pigments. Once the monocouche render is mixed and applied, colour is consistent throughout.

The benefits of GoRend HBS:

  • Complete in one coat, two passes
  • Through coloured, so no need for masonry paint
  • Flexible and less prone to cracking compared to traditional sand and cement.