PROREND render products
Hard working render for external walls

ProRend is a range of render products, External Render Finishes, Basecoats and Masonry Paints. Each of the ProRend render products has been developed and refined with hard-working quality materials to give a durable rendered finish.  ProRend is available in a broad range of colours and textures suitable for application to a diverse range of substrates.

Render finishes

  • ProRend COLOUR render - a premium, through-coloured silicone render in 12 colours
  • ProRend COLOURTEX render - a silicone thin coat render that can be custom coloured, or choose from our palette
  • ProRend MINERALTEX render - a mineral thin coat render in 4 colours that can be easily painted

Not sure which render product is right for your build?

Click on the links to see more about each product, with technical data and colour choices. Our technical team are here to help choose the right render products for your project, contact us for support from design to onsite. All our products come with a 10 year manufacturer's guarantee, see the render product pages for further certification.

Render basecoats

You may need a render basecoat depending on the substrate material of the building. See our ProRend Basecoats for more about when to use ProRend LITE, ProRend PREP or ProRend FLOAT.

Masonry paints

Our ProRend Masonry Paints give the final finish - use to paint new render, to update existing walls or to match to other buildings. Available in two finishes, ProRend SELF-CLEAN Masonry Paint and ProRend WATER REPELLENT Masonry Paint can be custom tinted or matched.

Render maintenance

ProRend Fungicidal Wash kills algae and mould growth, is easy to apply, fast-acting and provides long term protection. Renew your render without painting,