Premium silicone monocouche render

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ProRend Colour is a premium, factory-batched proprietary silicone monocouche render. This through-colour render is fast to apply in one coat. ProRend Colour render provides an excellent mineral finish for masonry substrates, giving a highly water-resistant finish in a range of 16 popular colours. It has an attractive 2mm fine-scraped finish, with mica adding a subtle shimmer.

See GoRend HBS for our standard monocouche render.


  • Fast application, just 1 day in best weather conditions:
    • Apply in 1 coat to specified thickness and scrape when ready
    • Spray machine or hand apply
  • Highly water resistant finish due to silicone properties that will protect the outer skin of any property from the elements
  • Reduced risk of cracking compared to other monocouche renders or traditional sand and cement due to water retention agents ensuring thorough curing
  • Reduced dusting when mixing compared to other monocouche renders
  • Apply from 15 - 25mm and cut to achieve ashlar or other detailing designs

Ideal Substrates

  • 7kN, 3.5kN and lightweight blockwork
  • Existing render unpainted
  • New sand and cement
  • Brickwork
  • Pre-cast concrete


One of the biggest benefits of ProRend Colour is the low cost of maintenance, this is one of the most important factors for any proprietor.

  • Maintain ProRend Colour by power-washing to clean away any dirt or organic material. no painting required
  • Overcoat ProRend Colour easily for a fresh look if you desire.
DescriptionProRend Colour is a cement based, self-coloured, ready mixed render – just add water. It is specifically designed to incorporate the benefits of silicone water repellency into a cement-based render system. The silicone prevents water from penetrating the masonry, while moisture accumulating inside can escape without problem. The silicone also reduces the migration of soluble salts through the cured render, helping combat secondary efflorescence. ProRend Colour render is ideally suited for areas where high water repellence is required.

ProRend Colour render can be applied from 15mm – 25mm and be cut to achieve Ashlar detailing. It is easy to apply and highly suitable for application by machine. There is excellent adhesion on mineral backgrounds.

CompositionHigh quality, factory composed dry mortar according to DIN 18557 and DIN 18550. Sand according to DIN 4226. Binding agent according to DIN 1060 and 1164 and approved additives for better workability.
CharacteristicsProRend Colour render is suitable for machine and/or hand application.
ProRend Colour render provides a water repellent and water vapour permeable render system. ProRend Colour render leaves a scraped through coloured finish.
Colours16 Standard colours.


General Information
Packaging25kg Bags
Bags / pallet40
Application thicknessAfter scraping
On backing coatca. 12 mmca. 10 mm
One coat renderca. 17 mmca. 15 mm
StorageCan be kept for 6 months in cool dry conditions and off of the ground.
BS EN 13914-1:2005Design, preparation and application of external rendering and internal plastering should be followed at all times.
Technical Data
Grain size~2mm
Water-mortar proportion5l/25kg
Bulk density~1.4/m3
Set mortar density~1.3kg/m3
Compressive strength~3.5N/mm2
Bending resistance~1.5N/mm2
Reaction to fireA1
Water absorptionW/2
Water vapour permeability µ5/20
Water vapour diffusion coefficient15/35
Thermal conductivity λ:
  • 0.82 W/mK (P=50%)
  • 0.89 W/mK (P=90%)

nb. Subject to alteration due to technical developments.

Additional Technical Data
SiteworkScaffolding must be independently tied, to allow uninterrupted application. Any faults in the structure, particularly those which may lead to moisture penetration, must be rectified.
Site ConditionsTemperature range, 5 - 30 degrees centigrade. ProRend Colour must not be applied to frozen or thawing substrates. If the coating must be applied in adverse weather conditions, it is essential to protect both the working area and finish before and after application.
SubstrateProRend Colour can be applied as a one coat render on medium density blockwork with normal suction. For aerated concrete and low density blocks apply onto backing of ProRend Prep or Lime Cement Primer. For high density masonry and concrete, apply onto backing of ProRend Prep.
PreperationThe background has to be supporting and free from dust, loose particles, damp and other pollution which can be of disadvantage to the bonding. Protect fresh render work against weather influences.
ApplicationMix whole bags at a time to avoid separation of additives, mix with 5-6 litres of water to a homogenous, lump free mass, allow to stand for 5 minutes and mix again. Inconsistency in water content can cause colour variations. Apply ProRend Colour with a stainless steel trowel or rendering machine. Rule level with an aluminium straight edge and spatula flat. When sufficiently dry, between 4 – 16 hours depending on drying conditions, scrape the surface to achieve a uniform colour and texture. Any areas left un-scraped will result in a difference in colour and texture.
CuringCuring with clean water may be necessary during rapid drying conditions.
VariationsThe chosen colour can differ slightly from the original sample or colour chart. This is due to varying factors including application conditions and background. Subsequent orders of different batches can also moderately vary for which we cannot be held responsible.
Health & SafetyCement powder mixed with water releases alkali. Prolonged skin contact should be avoided to prevent irritation (use barrier cream if necessary). Eye protection is recommended. If gloves are worn, they should not be plastic/latex.

Simple Application

The substrate must initially be prepared in accordance with the technical specification for the project. This may include the use of an SAS basecoat or primer as directed.

Apply ProRend Colour to a thickness of 17mm in 2 passes. Apply the first coat at 7mm thick with a hawk and trowel embedding ProMesh Grade 5 around stress areas. Immediately repeat the application with a second coat at 10mm thick so that the application is “wet on wet”.

Use an aluminium straight edge to rule off the wall after the second coat and spatula flat.

When the ProRend Colour is sufficiently dry it will be ready to scrape. To test the readiness to scrape mark the render with your thumb. It is ready to scrape when you can no longer mark the render with your thumb but are able to mark it with your nail: the ProRend Colour is ready but green. The time of scrape will be dependent upon weather conditions and typically varies from 4 – 16 hours.

Using the nail float, sometimes called a scraper, the top 2mm of render is scraped off the wall by moving the float in circular motions to achieve a finish depth of 15mm. The wall is then brushed down gently to remove dust.

Contact our Technical team on 01647 24620 for a detailed specification of application for your project.

Note the “Simple application” guidelines provided here may not be appropriate for every substrate. SAS (Europe) Ltd take no responsibility for application based upon guidelines provided within this site especially when a specification has not been provided. To avoid any unnecessary visual scars or blemishes to the final finish, it is highly recommended that ProRend Colour is applied by a plasterer competent in the application of Monocouche renders.


Rulling Off
Rulling Off



ProRend Colour can be used to form many details. The same principle of cutting into the render at the point of scraping can be used to create quoin stones, key stones, feature bands and ashlar grooves.

To create a feature band battens should be fixed in place prior to any render application and a thin basecoat should be applied between the battens and left with a key. It is important that this basecoat is thinner than the finished thickness of the surrounding render so it will not be visible when the finish is scraped.

Apply the ProRend Colour between the battens and build up to the desired thickness. All areas must exceed the required finished thickness by a minimum of 2mm as the render needs to be scraped to achieve the final finish.

the length of the entire band wearing it down to the correct form. Once fully cured the battens may be removed and the remaining render finished to the edge of the band.

For more in depth information on detail work please contact the SAS Technical Team, or for information about training on the application of these details please see details of the Training College.


Order a free sample of ProRend Colour here before making your final colour choice. The colours above are an indication only, your free sample will show the texture and colour of the render.

If you would like a custom render colour, take a look at ProRend Colourtex thin coat render.

ProRend Colour is a low maintenance render

One of the biggest benefits of ProRend Colour is the low cost of maintenance, this is one of the most important factors for any proprietor.

  • Maintain ProRend Colour by power-washing to clean away any dirt or organic material. no painting required
  • Overcoat ProRend Colour easily for a fresh look

Monocouche renders provide decoration and protection from the elements. They are fast to apply, there is no need to paint, and they are flexible so not prone to cracking. All SAS Europe products come with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Monocouche renders come as bags of dry powder that are mixed with clean water. When mixed and applied the colour will not only be on the face of the render, but consistent through the body of the render itself.

ProRend Colour render is low maintenance, just pressure wash down once a year.

Maintenance result
End Result

Pressure Washing dirty wall
Pressure Washing

Dirty wall before cleaning