Render wash

Make your render new again - this cleaner removes marks from algae, mouldy water stains, as well as bacterial, fungal and organic growth from masonry. Long-lasting and easy to apply.

ProRend Fungicidal wash is a water-based masonry wash containing only carefully selected biocides, highly effective against a broad range of bacterial, algal, fungal and mould species. It is used as a masonry cleaner and steriliser to kill green, black and other organic growths residing on walls or other masonry surfaces.


  • Apply by spray, brush or roller
  • Kills algae, bacteria and fungus
  • Renew your render without painting
  • Fast acting long-term protection

Ideal Substrates

  • Render
  • Concrete
  • Brick or stone

PROREND Fungicidal Wash

General Information
Packaging25L jerry can
Coverage per litre~3m2
Application temp5-25 degrees C
Hazards identification
Eye Irrit2:H319
Skin Irrit2:H315
Aquatic chronic2:H411
Precautionary statements
Wash hands thoroughly after handling
Wear protective gloves/protective clothing
Wear eye protection/face protection.


Organic growths may indicate consistently damp conditions and substandard direct sunlight. Sources of moisture should be identified and rectified to prevent recurrence. Condensation, rising damp, faulty plumbing or guttering etc. should be considered as a possible source. Remove all loose and flaking material by cleaning the surface with a soft bristle brush. If possible, power wash the substrate with a suitable power washer.


Contact our Technical team on 01647 24620 for a detailed specification of application for your project.Note the “Simple application” guidelines provided here may not be appropriate for every substrate. SAS (Europe) Ltd take no responsibility for application based upon guidelines provided within this site especially when a specification has not been provided.

fungicidal wash
Fungicidal Wash result


Apply ProRend Fungicidal Wash directly onto the surface using a pressurised knapsack/ garden sprayer, brush or roller. Ensure the surface is drenched in the wash and has been absorbed into the capillaries of the substrate. ProRend Fungicidal Wash must be left for a minimum of 48 hours to take effect and kill the growing moss and unseen spores. Dead growth should be removed by brushing with a steel brush or a suitable power washer.

Renew your render with Fungicidal Wash

    Over time rendered walls can become marked by unwanted organic growth. Use ProRend Fungicidal Wash to renew your render  without painting. Easy to apply, fast acting and long lasting. Wear appropriate protection while applying by spray, roller or brush.