Revitalising Social Housing: Driveway Transformations’ External Render Renovation Project for East Devon District Council

In a bid to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of social housing properties, East Devon District Council collaborated with Driveway Transformations for an external render renovation project with SAS Render Systems.

This case study delves into the transformation of properties in both Payhembury and Northleigh, focusing on the methods employed and the outcomes achieved.

Project Overview:

The external render renovation scheme aimed to uplift the existing facades of social housing properties. Driveway Transformations was tasked with executing  the project, which involved a meticulous process of refurbishing the elevations to improve their appearance and durability.

Surface Preparation:

  • Special grinding tools were utilised to grind back the existing elevations, ensuring a smooth and uniform surface for further treatment.
  • Driveway Transformations applied ProRend deep penetration primer to enhance adhesion and prepare the surfaces for subsequent coatings.

Application of ProRend Products:

  • ProRend Prep, along with stainless steel DMH anchors fixed through a mesh coat, was applied over the primed surfaces to create a strong and durable foundation.
  • The elevations were flattened off using ProRend Prep basecoat, providing a level surface for the final coatings.

Final Coating:

  • Colourtex Primer and Uniform were applied in Wheat and Mr. Whippy colours, chosen to complement the existing colour scheme of the developments.
  • A spray finish was employed to ensure an even and professional application of the coatings, achieving a uniform appearance across the properties.

The collaboration between East Devon District Council and Driveway Transformations resulted in a remarkable transformation of the social housing properties in Payhembury and Northleigh. The meticulous surface preparation, coupled with the use of high-quality ProRend products, contributed to the durability and longevity of the renovated facades. The application of vibrant ProRend Colourtex colours not only refreshed the appearance of the properties but also maintained harmony with the surrounding environment.

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