Winter render discount – beat the cold and save!

Winter render -  our great offer

winter renderGet 25% off Speed-Up, our easy-to-use render accelerator when you purchase Go Rend HBS render.

GoRend HBS one-coat render has been reformulated to perform better than ever, and by adding Speed-Up you can use it in temperatures as low as zero degrees. Add GoRend Speed-Up to apply and scratch back the same day.

Throw one of the dissolvable sachets of Speed-Up in your clean water, mix, add one bag of GoRend HBS monocouche and you can render through the colder months. Don't let the cold stop you, keep working this winter!

Available while stocks last

Easy to use for winter render

GoRend Speed-Up is a powdered render accelerator, measured out for you in dissolvable sachets. With no need to guess amounts, mix in a one-to-one ratio - one sachet of Speed-Up to one 25kg bag of GoRend HBS render. The Speed-Up accelerates the curing time of the HBS through coloured render, allowing application and scratch back the same day, even in low temperatures. Complete your job more quickly and keep working when temparatures fall.

Order GoRend HBS render for this winter special

Receive 25% off a tub of 40 sachets of Speed-Up with every purchase of GoRend HBS. This through-colour render is available in 12 colours and is applied in one coat with two passes. With amazing workability and a great feel the new formula GoRend HBS was released last year and has been impressing applicators. Apply direct to new blockwork with ProMesh embedded, then scratch back the same day when adding GoRend Speed-Up.

Use from zero degrees

Perfect for this time of year when the weather is unpredictable, add Speed-up when it would normally be too cold to render - use when you have 24 hours of above zero temperatures.

Offer available while stocks last - contact us today. Call 01647 24620 or contact us to place an order.


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