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Are you able to do site visits?

At SAS Render Systems, we provide full technical support through phone, email, and site visits. Our technical team is ready to assist you. To arrange a site visit, please contact us at 01647 24620.

Do you offer any discounts?

Our pricing structure considers trade, merchant, and project size factors. We strive to provide the best carriage prices and can advise whether ordering directly or through a merchant is more suitable. Discounts may be available for larger projects and bulk orders.

Do you have any recommended applicators?

SAS Render Systems has a list of approved applicators across the UK. We are also happy to recommend sub-contractors or contractors to help with your project's tender application.

What are the suitable weather conditions for rendering?

For the best results, external render products should not be applied at temperatures below 5°C. This includes situations where the temperature drops below freezing overnight. Ideal weather conditions are dry, and if possible, ensure the day after rendering is also dry to facilitate proper curing.

Can you mix products?

To ensure good consistency and easy application, all SAS bagged products should be mixed with a paddle mixer, left to stand for 5 minutes, and then mixed again before application. This will ensure good consistency and an easy application for the applicator. Additionally, SAS bagged products can be used with spray machines.

How can I clean render?

To clean render, we recommend using an anti-fungal wash to remove unwanted organic growth. Over time, rendered walls can become marked by unwanted organic growth. A fungicidal Wash kills the algae residing on the surface of the render. After applying the wash, pressure washing at 40 bar using a fan spray is safe and effective.

What is the warranty on SAS products?

All SAS products come with a reliable 10-year warranty, including ProWall and EWI systems. The ProBead range comes with an extended 25-year warranty. It is important to follow the correct application specification for the warranty to remain valid.

Can render be patched?

Yes, all SAS renders can be patched. Our technical team can provide guidance on the process used to patch a specific render.

Can I use standard masonry paint on silicone render?

No, using standard masonry paint on silicone resin renders can lead to cracking and de-bonding over time. We offer high-quality silicone masonry paints such as ProRend Water Repellent Masonry Paint and ProRend Self-Cleaning Masonry Paint, available in 1000’s of custom colour options.

Which products have BBA certification?

We have numerous SAS Render products and systems with BBA certifications. This includes 30-year and 60-year options for the ProWall render system and 30-year certification for the EWI systems (EPS) & (Mineral Wool). Additionally, the GoRend monocouche render has a 25-year certification, and the ProBead range comes with a 25-year certification.

What is BBA certification?

BBA certification is a test certificate stating the minimum life duration of a product when applied according to the certificate and manufacturer's specification. It is not a warranty but indicates that the product has undergone relevant testing and performs as claimed.

Have your products undergone fire testing?

Yes, our SAS Render Systems have undergone full EN 13501 fire testing conducted by Warrington Fire. Both the ProWall and Mineral Wool EWI systems achieved an A2 s1 d0 classification, making them suitable for use above 18 meters in height and compliant with Part B fire building regulations.

Further advice with regard to fire safety can be sought from our technical team 01647 24620.

Can your products be used in coastal locations?

Yes, we have specifications suitable for very severe, national exposure categories, including coastal locations.

When it comes to these types of locations, SAS Render Systems suggest the external facades are finished with the Colourtex Uniform product, which is a silicate resin render that has hydrophobic properties (waterproof) and the ideal finish for the ProWall rendered rainscreen and EWI systems. The application can be applied to masonry using a suitable basecoat. Specification details can be sought from our technical team 01647 24620.

How can I determine the insulation thickness needed for my project?

Our SAS Render Systems Technical Team can run U-value calculations if provided with information about your existing wall makeup from the inside out. This will generate a PDF calculation with details of the full system and the required insulation thickness to reach the desired thermal value.

Which render product should be used with timber frame construction?

For timber frame construction, we recommend the ProWall rainscreen system.

What render product should I apply to blockwork?

You can choose from the following products suitable for blockwork:

  • Float basecoat with a sponge finish and paint.
  • Float basecoat with a through-colour topcoat (Colourtex).
  • Gorend Monocouche (scratch render).

What product can be applied to brickwork, existing render, or concrete?

To apply render to brickwork, existing render, or concrete, use Prorend prep basecoat with either Colourtex or sponge finish with paint.

ProWall Rainscreen Cladding is an external envelope system specifically developed to allow a stable rendered finish on timber frame developments. ProWall overcomes the problems of frame movement with a ventilated and drained cavity.

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