Render Product Information

Explore our collection of short videos highlighting the unique benefits of our diverse render products. From ProWall rainscreen cladding to ProBead, Self-Clean Paint and GoRend HBS monocouche, discover how each product enhances your project's aesthetics and performance. Watch now to make informed decisions and elevate your exterior designs!

Self-Clean Masonry Paint

30 seconds showing the benefits of our ProRend Self-Clean Paint, click for more info.

In Winter

30 seconds showing how our thin coat mineral render can be used in colder weather.


30 seconds to launch GoRend HBS monocouche - fast and easy to apply.

Market Leading Render Bead

The production and use of ProBead, the marketing leading render and plaster bead for the UK. How it's made, how to use. Order here.

Rendered Rainscreen Cladding

Watch as our Technical Consultant explains how ProWall system components work, see finished builds, and apartments that go from the architect's vision to the finished project.

Self-Clean Masonry Paint Works

Watch a short demonstration of how ProRend Self-Clean Masonry paint uses rain drops to wash the surface clean.

That PROREND Float Beats Sand & Cement

Take a look at how this factory-batched alternative can speed up your jobs and add a 10-year guarantee. See under two minutes how ProRend Float is a labour-saving alternative to sand and cement.

Stopping the Spread of Fire in Cladding

Demonstration of the intumescent fire strips that are part of the ProWall system.

Rendered Projects Portfolio - 8 of the Best

A look back over some of our favourite render projects - featuring ProWall and ProRend finished builds.

How To

Master the application process with our comprehensive 'How To' video series. Join our technical team as they guide you through the step-by-step application of our render products. Don't forget to turn your sound on for valuable insights and instructions. Perfect for both applicators and subcontractors, these longer videos feature detailed demonstrations of products such as Colourtex, GoRend, ProRend basecoats, machine spraying and more. Level up your skills and achieve flawless results with ease.

ProRend Colourtex
Colourtex Silicone Thin Coat Render

Watch we apply thin coat render, using ProRend Lite and Colourtex. Achieve a flexible and durable exterior render finish.

How To
Apply GoRend One Coat Render to blockwork

Take five minutes and watch as we apply and scratch back this coloured, durable one coat. GoRend HBS, available in a range of colours.

ProRend Mineraltex
Application of mineral thin coat render

How to: Apply thin coat render using ProRend Mineraltex. Step by step through the process with our technical team.

Machine render
Machine Spray Render With PROREND

Demonstration of machine spray rendering with SAS Europe products. Machine application of ProRend and GoRend with Putzmeister.

ProRend Spray Finish
How To Spray Silicone Thin coat Render

Watch our technical team take you through the process of how to spray silicone thin-coat render using ProRend Colourtex.

Tyrolean finish
Machine Apply a Tyrolean Finish

How to achieve a tyrolean finish - using hopper fed gun with compressor and a through-coloured monocouche render. Demonstration from SAS Render Systems using GoRend HBS.

Prep and Float
Render on Lightweight Block

Watch as we use ProRend Prep and ProRend Float for a fantastic rendered finish.

Online CPD
Cracking in Render

Best practice in design and construction to prevent cracking in render. In depth, 30 minute presentation from our Technical Team.

External Render - Day Course

Take a look at the training we offer here at SAS Europe, for applicators, contractors and build management. Upskill your team, call us about bespoke courses.

Timber Frame Render
Architect's 20 minute CPD

Take a 20-minute coffee break for this knowledge-packed presentation. Sound on for a look at getting the best finish for render on modern timber frame construction.

Specifying Render
Architect's 25-minute CPD

A watch any time CPD looking at the pros and cons of different render systems, and how to choose the best render for your project considering construction methods and finish.

Applying ProWall -1
cladding for timber frame

Part one of applying Prowall to timber frame - fitting battens, render boards and render bead, best practice for durability.

Applying ProWall -2
cladding for timber frame

Part two of applying Prowall to timber frame - base coat, mesh and thin coat, best practice for durability.


Product information for suppliers - talk to us about stocking render products from SAS Europe.

Market Leading Render and Plaster Bead

Trusted by professionals for durability and reliability, ProBead has the largest range of 34 profiles and 17 stock colours.