ProWall Rainscreen Cladding in Architectonicus-designed Coastal Property

This design and build project involved the implementation of a rendered timber frame with specially developed rainscreen cladding. ProWall, the selected cladding system, boasts a BBA certificate with a remarkable 60-year durability lifecycle, setting a new standard in the industry for rendered rainscreen cladding systems.

Architectural Context

Architectonicus, renowned for their innovative designs, conceptualised an eye-catching property situated on the exposed coastal tip of the St David’s Peninsula. Overlooking the stunning Whitesands Bay in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, the property harmoniously blends modern aesthetics with distinctive elements.

Choice of ProWall

ProWall emerged as the ideal choice to meet the stringent requirements of this unique property. The cladding system not only provided a durable rendered rainscreen for the timber frame but also served as a protective barrier against extreme weather conditions, including driving rain and strong winds.

Durability and Certification

One of the standout features of ProWall is its 60-year durability lifecycle, as evidenced by its BBA certificate – a pioneering achievement in the realm of rendered rainscreen cladding systems. This longevity aligns seamlessly with the project’s vision for enduring structural integrity.

Integration with Design Elements

ProWall seamlessly integrates with the overall design, flowing effortlessly with the waved zinc roof and angular lines of the Velfac windows. Beyond its aesthetic contribution, ProWall delivers both form and function, ensuring the property remains resilient against the coastal environment.

Quality Assurance Process

In commitment to exceptional customer service and quality assurance, ProWall employed a meticulous site visit procedure. The technical team conducted sign-offs at four key stages of installation: batten installation, board & bead installation, basecoat application, and final completion of the top coat. This rigorous process exemplifies ProWall’s dedication to maintaining high standards in every installation.

Consistent Excellence

The commitment to excellence extends to all ProWall systems installed by their trained applicator network. This dedication to quality assurance and customer satisfaction positions ProWall as a reliable choice for rendering solutions.


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