Impressive Homes Brought to Life by Trewin Design Architects

Impressive Homes Brought to Life by Trewin Design ArchitectsRender, wood and stone cladding new builds

This project involved the creation of stunning homes, masterfully designed by the talented team at Trewin Design Architects and brought to life through the exceptional craftsmanship of WJE Carpentry and Construction, incorporating SAS Render Systems ProRend products. This case study highlights the successful collaboration between architectural brilliance and skilled craftsmanship in achieving outstanding results.Prorend new build

Project Goals

The primary objective was to design and construct visually striking homes in Manor View, Bude, with a focus on durability, longevity, and elegance. To achieve this, a range of high-quality render products from SAS Render Systems were carefully selected and incorporated into the construction process to be used alongside wood and stone cladding.


The project faced several challenges, including the need for a smooth and durable exterior finish that would withstand the test of time while adding an element of sophistication to the overall design. The team also sought to ensure the structural stability of the homes, safeguarding vulnerable areas from wear and tear.

Products Used

The following SAS Render Systems products played a pivotal role in the successful realisation of the project:
  • ProRend Float Basecoat: This reliable foundation provided a smooth and durable surface for exterior finishes. Its application ensured a solid base for the subsequent layers, contributing to the overall stability of the render system.
  • ProMesh Grade 5 Reinforcement Mesh: Used to reinforce the basecoat, this mesh added strength andstability to the entire render system. By preventing cracks and enhancing resilience, it contributes to the longevity of the finished homes.
  • ProRend Colourtex Primer White: A premium primer that prepared the surface for the final coat, ensuring enhanced colour vibrancy and adhesion. This step was crucial in achieving a vibrant and consistent appearance for the facade.
  • New build with renderProRend Colourtex Uniform White: The final coat that brought an attractive and uniform appearance to the facade, exuding elegance and sophistication. This product was essential in adding the finishing touches to the homes’ exteriors.
  • ProBead White Standard Angle, Bellcast, and Stop Beads: These indispensable elements played a crucial role in creating clean, sharp edges, and protecting vulnerable areas from potential damage over time.

Results and Successes

The collaboration between Trewin Design Architects and WJE Carpentry and Construction proved to be a resounding success. The application of ProRend products ensured not only a visually stunning facade but also a durable and long-lasting exterior finish.The synergy between architectural brilliance and skilled craftsmanship resulted in homes that truly stand out in their elegance and design.This case study exemplifies the importance of leveraging high-quality building products and the expertise of skilled craftsmen to achieve exceptional results in architectural projects. The combination of SAS Render Systems ProRend products and the efforts of the dedicated team at Trewin Design Architects and WJE Carpentry and Construction resulted in the creation of impressive homes that will undoubtedly inspire future projects.

For those seeking render project inspiration and assistance, the Tech Team at SAS Render Systems is readily available at 01647 24620.