Silicone resin thin coat render

ProRend Colourtex is a premium, factory-batched proprietary silicone resin thin-coat render. This highly water-resistant render is available in 30 standards colours or can be tinted to a custom colour render. You can apply Colourtex render onto a wide range of substrates for a low-maintenance finish guaranteed for 10 years. This coloured render is available in two textured finishes: Uniform and Grained, and is applied over a ProRend coloured primer.

Colour your world with PROREND Colourtex

With 30 colours in our standard range, ProRend Colourtex has a shade to suit every taste and SAS offer a full colour-matching service on special orders for something unique.

Take your pick from thousands of options with your choice of RAL,NCS or BS colours, or even match a coloured sample. Tinted on-site, Colourtex conforms with the internationally recognised NCS colour system.

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ProRend Colourtex render is available in 2 attractive textures shown below: 1.5mm Uniform or 3mm Grained.

Free colour samples are available in either finish.

prorend colourtex uniform

Colourtex Uniform render, as the name suggests, is a tight even finish similar to that of painted sand and cement.

prorend colourtex grained

Colourtex Grained render is a highly textured rustic finish, creating a dragged texture that can be finished in random motions or with a vertical finish to achieve a traditional alpine effect.

Render Simulator

Visualise what your house could look like in our standard range of colours

  • willowWillow
  • whiteWhite
  • wheatWheat
  • vanillaVanilla
  • sunbeamSunbeam
  • sageSage
  • rambling roseRambling Rose
  • primrosePrimrose
  • platinumPlatinum
  • pigeonPigeon
  • peachPeach
  • parma violetParma Violet
  • oceanOcean
  • Mr. WhippyMr. Whippy
  • mochaMocha
  • latteLatte
  • ivoryIvory
  • fawnFawn
  • duskDusk
  • doveDove
  • dolphinDolphin
  • creamCream
  • cottageCottage
  • cappuccinoCappuccino
  • candyCandy
  • cadetCadet
  • brickBrick
  • bambooBamboo
  • atlanticAtlantic
  • African GreyAfrican Grey
example house render

This is an indication only, and final colour choices should be made from a physical sample. Please contact us to request your free samples.

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General Information

DescriptionPROREND Colourtex Uniform and Grained are ready mixed silicone-based finishes, manufactured from fine natural and coloured aggregates. Both are textured finishes that have excellent weather, scratch and knock-resistant qualities. Maintenance is therefore minimal. Both ProRend Colourtex Uniform and Grained contain carefully selected and blended raw materials giving a consistently durable and high-quality product.
CompositionFine natural and coloured aggregates in a silicone binder give excellent adhesion and weatherproofing. ProRend Colourtex Uniform and Grained contain effective biocides to help preserve its attractive appearance.
CharacteristicsProRend Colourtex Uniform can be finished in a uniform, flat texture to a thickness of 1.5. ProRend Colourtex Grained can be finished in either vertical, horizontal or circular random grained textures to a 3mm thickness. Both have excellent weather resistance and durability, whilst still allowing the structure to breathe.
Colours 30 Standard colours plus RAL, NCS, BS 4800, Sto, K Rend and Weber colour matches.
Reflective ValuesWhere intense or dark colours are used, the surface will be subject to increased thermal stress from (for example) solar radiation. Significant fluctuations in temperature, as experienced in temperate weather climates, will cause premature degradation in the finished surface. The dissipation of this heat will vary dependent upon the background and accordingly “reflective values” should be adhered to as follows:
  • ProWall or other ventilated cement board systems > 5% LRV
  • ProRend EIFS insulation systems >20% LRV
  • Masonry backgrounds
    • Solid Wall > 20% LRV
    • Cavity Wall > 5% LRV

PROREND Colourtex Primer

General Information
Buckets / pallet44
Water maximum dilution/ L5-10%
Coverage, m2/bucket35
Shelf life, years~2
Surface drying24 hrs
Technical Data EN 998-3: 2006
L1 - Bulk density, kg/m3 ~1.60
Additional Technical Data
Viscosity329,000 - 31,000 m Pas

PROREND Colourtex Uniform / Grained

General Information
Buckets / pallet44
Water maximum dilution/ L2%
Coverage, m2/bucketUniform: ~6 - 6.5 Grained: ~4.5 - 5
Shelf life, years~2
Surface drying24 hrs
Through dry48-72 hrs
Technical Data EN 998-3: 2006
L1 - Bulk density, kg/m3 ~1.70
Additional Technical Data
Maximum grain sizemm ~3
Viscosity450 m Pas
Water absorption coefficientW = 0.1 kg/m2

Simple Application

Prepare the substrate initially in accordance with the technical specification for the project. This will usually include the use of a ProRend render basecoat. Apply to the thickness directed for the particular substrate, this may include the use of ProMesh render reinforcing mesh at an appropriate grade for the materials being used. Flat finish the basecoat as appropriate.

Apply ProRend Colourtex Primer  across the entire area using brush or roller a minimum of 24 hours before the final coat. Colourtex render can also be machine applied. Ask us about spray rendering. The primer is coloured the same as the final render coat ensuring a continuous colour; it also contains quartz which provides a fine sandpaper-like key for good adhesion of the ProRend Colourtex. Failure to use the primer can result in poor colour consistency and coverage of the final coat.

ProRend Colourtex render is applied using a hawk and trowel tight to the thickness of the grain: Uniform 1.5mm; Grained 3mm. It is important to pull the material out as much as possible to achieve the correct coverage. Always maintain a wet edge between scaffold lifts at all times.

Finish the ProRend Colourtex with a PVC finishing float, typically within 10 – 20 minutes of application, by agitating the grain to achieve the desired texture. Contact our Technical team on 01647 24620 for a detailed specification of application for your project. Note the “Simple application” guidelines provided here may not be appropriate for every substrate. SAS (Europe) Ltd take no responsibility for application based upon guidelines provided within this brochure especially when a specification has not been provided.

Custom colour render Top Coat
Top Coat Application
Custom colour render finishing

Ashlar Detailing

Ashlar detail effects can be easily created using the ProBead AD25 profile.

Initially the bead is fitted to the substrate in the same way as normal beads using mechanical fixings or render as an adhesive.

ProRend basecoat is then applied to the substrate as per the SAS specification. The finished depth of the basecoat should be the grain thickness of the ProRend Colourtex finish (1.5mm or 3mm) less than the height of the AD25 ProBead profile. The basecoat is left to dry as directed.

Following normal ProRend Colourtex application instructions the ProRend Colourtex Primer is applied using a brush or roller – see Simple Application section. Finally the ProRend Colourtex Finish coat is applied as directed.

This method of Ashlar detailing can also be used with the ProRend Colour and ProRend Mineraltex products. For more in depth information on Ashlar Detailing please contact the SAS Technical Team.

ProBead AD25 with Basecoat
ProBead AD25 with Basecoat
Prorend Colourtex with Primer
Prorend Colourtex with Primer
Ashlar Detailing Finished


ProRend Colourtex is a low maintenance render:

  • Maintain ProRend Colourtex render by power-washing to clean away any dirt or organic material.
  • Overcoat ProRend Colourtex render with paint to maintain the longevity of the system when required.
  • ProRend Colourtex Maintenance Data

Silicone renders are a modern, protective finish for your home

Colourtex silicone render comes ready-mixed, saving time. Once cured ProRrend Colourtex render is fully weatherproof, resisting rain and wind whilst letting moisture out of your home. As water rolls off and there are mold and growth resistant agents mixed in, little maintenance is needed - maybe pressure wash down once a year.

Colourtex render can be applied extremely thinly, making it extremely flexible. The frame and render move together so it doesn’t crack and keeps its durable finish. Colourtex render comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee, and you can ask us about finding a suitable applicator. Silicone renders are also easy to repair.

This render comes in the finished colour that you want, so it does not need painting. It can be painted at a later date for a change of colour or to match other walls. See above for colour choices and finishes, or ask about a custom colour render.

Dirty wall before cleaning

Pressure Washing dirty wall
Pressure Washing

Maintenance result
End Result