Vertu BMW Exeter – Superior Rendering with ProRend, ProBead and ProWall Systems

Vertu BMW Exeter, a prominent car dealership, undertook a major rendering project to enhance the aesthetic and thermal properties of the external aspects of their showroom. McCarthy Contractors spearheaded the application, utilising SAS Render Systems flagship products ProRend, ProBead and ProWall to achieve a seamless and durable finish.

BMW Showroom

Project Requirements

The project had specific requirements to ensure a high-quality and long-lasting result:

  • Repair Section: 100mm EPS insulation system affixed back to the steel frame on the main roadside.
  • Front Façade: ProWall system affixed to aluminium top hat sections.
  • Final Finish: ProRend Colourtex thin coat finish matching the existing colour, RAL 9001.
  • Comprehensive Involvement: Involvement throughout the project for all aspects of the project.


100mm EPS Insulation System

For the repair section at the main roadside, a 100mm premium EPS insulation system was installed. This system was affixed back to the steel frame, ensuring improved thermal performance.

ProWall System

For the front façade, the ProWall system was chosen for its outstanding performance and longevity. The system was affixed to aluminium top hat sections, providing a robust and durable solution that seamlessly integrated with the existing structure.

  • Long-Term Durability: The ProWall system comes with a 60-year BBA certificate, guaranteeing its durability.
  • Fire Performance: Delivers first-class performance concerning fire resistance, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations.
  • Strength and Stability: Provides exceptional strength and stability, maintaining its structural integrity over time.
  • Weather Tightness: Effectively protects the building from the elements, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance.
  • Healthy Air Quality: The rendered rainscreen cladding maintains healthy air quality by allowing the building to breathe while protecting it from the elements.

Colourtex Finish

    The final finish was crucial for maintaining the dealership's aesthetic consistency. ProRend Colourtex, a premium factory-batched proprietary silicone resin thin-coat render, was selected for its high water resistance and low maintenance requirements. This finish was applied over a ProRend coloured primer and perfectly matched the existing RAL 9001 colour.

    More on ProRend Colourtex silicone thin coat render:

    • Customisation: Available in 30 standard colours or as in this case study, custom tints, ensuring a perfect match for any project.
    • Durability: Guaranteed for 10 years, this render offers a long-lasting solution.
    • Textured Finishes: Available in two textured finishes, Uniform and Grained, providing flexibility in design aesthetics.

    Comprehensive Design Support

    From the initial stages to the end result, Vertu BMW Exeter received comprehensive support, including CAD details and specifications. This collaboration ensured that every aspect of the rendering project was meticulously planned and executed.

    Key Features and Benefits

    Eco-Friendly: The use of ProBead render beads, made from 100% recycled PVCu and fully recyclable, ensured a sharp and durable finish, guaranteed to last the test of time, with an official 25-year guarantee. ProBead is the market-leading choice for render bead, a high-quality bead manufactured in the UK. 

    Durability: SAS Render Systems products are engineered for long-lasting performance, ensuring the rendered surfaces remain crack-free and withstand environmental challenges.

    Aesthetic Consistency: The ProRend Colourtex finish in RAL 9001 provided a seamless match with the existing structure, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

     Unrivalled Technical Support: The involvement from the design stages, including detailed CAD specifications, support and guidance throughout the entire project, ensured precise implementation and a high-quality result.


    By choosing SAS Render Systems, Vertu BMW Exeter achieved:

    • Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal: The BMW showroom now boasts a clean, professional finish that significantly improves its visual impact.
    • Improved Thermal Performance: The 100mm EPS insulation system enhances energy efficiency.
    • Increased Durability: The rendered surfaces are robust and resistant to environmental wear and tear.
    • Sustainability: The use of eco-friendly materials underscores the dealership’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

    The rendering project at Vertu BMW Exeter, executed excellently by McCarthy Contractors using ProRend, ProBead and ProWall systems, resulted in a facility that not only looks revamped but also stands up to the test of time. The dealership now features a fresh new look, improved thermal performance, and a consistent aesthetic appeal, showcasing the exceptional performance of SAS Render Systems products and thus reflecting the premium nature of the BMW brand.

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