For the best build value, get early advice from product manufacturers

Choosing the right products with the qualities needed for longevity and low maintenance will get you the best build value for your project

We know that the cost of products for a build is not where the story ends and that there are factors that can make a bigger difference to the overall cost of a project. Finding the right product that fits with the timeline for the build, hitting regulatory targets for fire and safety or providing continuing low maintenance costs while achieving the goals of the project will all impact on the bottom line.

SAS Europe have a technical team with site experience and in-depth product knowledge, advising on the properties of render systems, external insulation, rendered rainscreen and masonry paint finishes.

See what help manufacturers can offer

Consider the build project as a whole – is there a need for the rendered finishes installation to slot with the build’s timeframe for waterproofing or second fix, can resources such as the scaffolding be shared, can you ensure contractors are not impeding each other’s progress? Our team can estimate application times, calculate thermal qualities and advise on product options and quantities required which can make a significant budget difference. We can ensure applicators are trained and approved for our products. By working with the product manufacturer early in the design process, our technical consultants will ensure you choose the right products and can recommend experienced installers for a problem-free build project.

UK technical team for product knowledge

Talk really is cheap, and talking in the early project design stages could even save money. This is when you can contact manufacturers first, to ensure you have what you need to compare products to avoid changing product specification later. As you may expect, review of the build and changes in timelines can be costly. Talk to SAS Europe about your rendered finish, and we will help you look at the management of the build and suggest any improvement to the design or process. There may be longevity benefits of other products in our range, in consideration of the building’s location, or the conditions in which the product is to be applied, or a client’s expectation that we can advise on. The correct detailing of render with beading and mesh will help prevent cracking and staining for low maintenance and a longer lifespan. Even if we recommend that you order fewer or cheaper products, we know that happy customers come back.

Talk direct to the manufacturer

If you are using SAS Europe products via contractors, do feel free to contact us for support before going ahead. We give training in the correct application of our products and best practice onsite and can provide guarantees when installed by an approved contractor, helping you to achieve the best build value. You will find us keen to talk to you and your contractors, and opening communication will mean you have a named, UK-based contact throughout your project.

Talk direct to the manufacturer before ordering products for your build to save on build costs and ongoing maintenance. Talk to SAS Europe to find the best rendered finish for your build, renovation or extension.




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