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The best support from a UK render supplier

UK render supplierWhen you contact SAS, you will find that as a UK render supplier we provide unrivalled support and work directly with you. For Zachary, who specialises in traditional techniques and lime rendering, it was the way we worked with him to order the right render products that impressed.

Excellent service and attention

Zachary, Somerset

“Your service and attention has been excellent and I thank you for your speed and professionalism – I will not hesitate to use your company again.”

Fantastic staff

UK render supplierBarry, who runs his one-stop rendering service in Lancashire is a long-term customer and praises the level of service from th is UK render supplier. Barry, Lancashire

I’m very happy using SAS products, and have done for a number of years as everything – orders, products and delivery are always good, and the technical team are very helpful. When I was left short of render on site, I called Emily at lunchtime and she arranged delivery for first thing next morning. It’s fantastic dealing with the staff for ordering and accounts.”

Our UK-based team answer all your queries, and a real person answers the phone.

It is great to hear your feedback as we are always looking for new ways to support our customers in their work. UK render supplierPlease let us know if you have great service or if there is any way we can improve!

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