base board bead

NEW Board base bead – protection for boards and render

base board beadThe all-in-one bead render applicators have been asking for

The ProBead base bead is one render bead that protects boards and render, and is now available to purchade from SAS Europe. The ProBead base bead forms an excellent drip detail, protecting both the render board edge and the render itself. With only one render bead to buy, and one render bead to fit, this base bead saves you time and resources.

base board beadThe ProBead base bead has already been impressing applicators as part of the ProWall rainscreen system, where it provides excellent protection for ProBoard and ProRend Colourtex render. We have often been asked to supply ProBead base bead as a cross-brand solution and now, for first time, we have made it available.

ProBead base bead is part of a wide range

The ProBead base bead is just one of a wide range of different render bead profiles available. Our high quality PVCu render beads give sharp lines and a great finish. With a range of bead profiles to suit monocouche and thin coat renders in a wide range of colours to match the render for a seamless result.

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