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Why coloured render beads are best for your build

Coloured render beads are best for a sharp and durable finish

Coloured render beads make all the difference to the final finish of your new build or extension – don’t settle for white detailing with your coloured render. Available in 18 stock colours, ProBead render beads can be delivered next day throughout the UK.

The 18 colours of ProBead complement our own range of ProRend and GoRend renders and is suitable to use with all external renders. Ask and we will suggest a close colour match for your render choice, or we can custom colour beads for you.

"extremely high performance and durability"

coloured render beads are bestThe Render Depot in Wales stocks a wide range of ProBead render beads. Nathanael Dunning, Director, said “SAS ProBead is the market-leader due to its extremely high performance and durability. As a former applicator of external render systems myself, I have used many different manufacturers’ bead products and none of them live up to the usability, durability and cost effectiveness of ProBead.”

There are 34 ProBead profiles available, so there are all the options you need to design a façade with render beads that work together to detail and protect the coloured render. Through-coloured and made from recycled pvc plastic, these render beads are known for their high quality and trusted for their strength and durability.

Nathanael continued “The service this company provides is second to none and never lets me down. This is why now, at the Render Depot, I only supply ProBead to all my customers, who would also not have it any other way! I recommend this product very highly, and so do all my customers.”

"I recommend this product very highly, and so do all my customers"

There are 20 profiles of Stop bead, Angle bead and Bellcast bead that have held BBA certification since 2006. This independent testing body has certified ProBead render beads with a durability of at least 25 years.

ProBead offers excellent value. As well as being competitively priced, this relatively small but important element of a build can ensure the durability of other facade materials by directing water away from the surface and adding strength to the render system.

The ease of fitting and correct choice of render bead is important as beads will affect the finished look of a building’s facade, as well as protecting the render from water damage, staining and cracking. ProBead render beads are easy to cut to length and mitre on site, to achieve sharp detailing. Fit by bedding into the basecoat material or fix with an adhesive agent or nails.

ProBead’s unique profiles are precision engineered to the highest standards. The profiles are designed with a special “nose” profile that captures and retains the materials during the rendering process. This reduces the risk of render pulling away and subsequent scarring, allowing for clean, crisp lines - every time.

ProBead will not stain or rust, and the design helps to keep the render free from damp and cracking. By using ProBead coloured render beads with a 25-year guarantee, the housebuilder is assured of a rendered finish protected by the beading, giving a high-quality finish and improving the specification of the build.

Over the lifetime of the facade, the protection from ProBead will save the homeowner costs in maintenance or repair.

coloured beads are bestAs well as 18 stock colours that complement ProRend renders and paints, ProBead can be custom tinted to match other render colours. Our new stock colour, ‘Dolphin’ has recently been introduced as greys are increasing used by house designers as a neutral.

The ‘nose’ of the render bead is the visible part in a rendered finish. ProBead coloured render beads are best for creating straight and crisp lines in the render finish, using high-quality materials that do not warp. Larger profile render bead is supplied boxed to site to prevent bending or twisting in transit, saving time and money. ProBead is easy to cut and light to handle, unlike metal beads that leave sharp edges and are heavy to position.

Our UK technical team are on hand to advise you when making an order and can help with choosing the right profiles, quantities and colour of bead, as well as ordering renders and mesh for fast delivery.

Order ProBead, renders, basecoats and mesh direct from SAS Europe - contact us

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