Compliant cladding update: new Building Regulations revealed

Compliant cladding for over 18 metres to be fire classification A2-s1, d0 or Class A1 only

New amendments to the Building Regulations that restrict the use of combustible materials in external walls over 18 metres come into effect in 2 weeks’ time.

The regulations require building work to be carried out so that materials which become part of an external wall, or specified attachment of a relevant building are of European Classification A2-s1, d0 or Class A1.

Compliant cladding building regulationsThe ProWall system is compliant cladding with a rendered finish. ProWall (categorised as “rendered rainscreen cladding” or a “render carrier board” system) has undergone extensive testing achieving certification from the BBA (a UKAS certified, certification and approval body for the UK construction industry) and has been approved by various warranty providers such as the LABC. The system is classified as A2-s1,d0 “Reaction to fire” and is therefore suitable for use on high-rise buildings up to and over 18 metres.

This classification is in accordance with BS EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009 entitled “Fire classification of construction products and building elements - Classification using test data from reaction to fire tests” (ISBN 978 0 580 59861 6) published by the British Standards Institution on 30th March 2007 and amended in November 2009.

Following the Grenfell Tower tragedy the government established a comprehensive building safety programme that included an independent review on fire safety and building regulations. In the summer the government published its response to this review and said it would ban the use of combustible materials on external walls of high-rise buildings subject to consultation.

Following this consultation the government announced that it will take forward this ban on all high-rise buildings that contains flats, as well as hospitals, residential care premises and student accommodation above 18 metres.

This ban will be delivered through changes to building regulations and will limit materials available to products achieving a European classification of Class A1 or A2-s1, d0.

SAS Europe have been developing the highest quality external render products for the last 20 years, in 2005 SAS launched its own render solution to finishing non-masonry structures such as timber and steel frame buildings, this combination of products, techniques and installation data was named the ProWall system. The system is suitable for new and remedial build project large or small. Contact us to discuss compliant cladding ProWall with our tecnical team today.

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