ProWall Window Head Bead

With our ongoing drive to push forward the boundaries of our ProBead range, we are always looking to design and create innovative beads that compliment and improve traditional rendering and modern render systems.

Following the successful introduction of the ProWall base bead in 2012, a bead that protects the underside edge of the render carrier boards, creates a level datum to install the first row of boards and has a neat drip profile to render up to, we looked at the possibility of creating a bead that could simplify the process of creating drip details for window heads. The traditional options were to use an angle bead and run the risk of water ingress, along with the possibility of water running back along the window head because there was no detail to cast the water away, or alternatively to use a bellcast profile in conjunction with either a stop or angle bead, this method was effective at casting away water from the window head but could be both tricky and time consuming to install, as well as looking unsightly at times.

This was where our technical team set about designing a bead that combined the simplicity and speed of the angle bead method along with the functionality of the bellcast bead method, after months of testing at our ProBead factory we came up with the perfect bead – the ProWall Window Head Bead.

This bead is now in production and can be purchased as part of any ProWall system. There are also plans to develop this bead for use with monocouche and thin coat renders over traditional forms of construction.

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