Rendered rainscreen saves timber frame house

Replacing Cracked Render at Quarry Cottage

Prowall SystemThis timber frame house was saved from damp and cold by replacing cracked render with ProWall seamless rendered rainscreen.The lightweight ProWall system that replaced the failed render kept the traditional rendered look of this family home and gave it a watertight, breathable facade.

ProWall rainscreen cladding

Family company DJP Finishes chose the ProWall rainscreen cladding system as a remedial solution for badly cracked render on a timber frame house. The existing render varied in thickness between 30mm and 60mm, and was embedded with expanded metal lathing (EML).The repetitve expansion and contraction of the EML meshing in different temperatures had cracked the render around it. Water could then penetrate the cracks, saturating the render causing it to crumble when frozen.

replacing cracked render at Quarry CottageWatertight and breathable

After removing the old, cracked render and battening, ProWall rainscreen was installed. This included new battening, an advanced render carrier board, and ventilation beads to the top of the system under the soffits and at the base.ProRend Lite basecoat was applied to the render board providing a uniform base with outstanding hydraulic and water-repelling properties. Next, glass fibre ProMesh was embedded to add it’s incredible strength to the render. ProRend Colourtex primer and top coat finished the watertight, yet breathable, façade.With a ventilated cavity, the building could now breathe and dry, and a premium render coating protected it from driving rain. The whole system is covered by a BBA certificate for 30 years durability.

Case Quarry cottage ProWallLow maintenance and lightweight

The new rainscreen cladding reduced the weight per metre square on the timber frame by 40-60kg, reducing the building’s weight by 7.5 tonnes! The homeowners were extremely pleased with the low maintenance finish, and their choice of custom colour tinted by SAS Europe.

Rendered rainscreen case study

Download the Quarry Cottage case study here.
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