The SAS Europe Customer Commitment

The SAS Customer Commitment

We pride ourselves on our values and commitment to staff and customers, the quality of our render products and the experience of our technical team.

SAS Eurppe customer commitmentWhat does SAS mean to you?

We are here so that you get the best, and right render product for your build. If that is not one of ours, we will tell you! Call us in office hours and a real person will answer quickly. We support architects, designers and planners through the facade specifying process, provide guidance on estimating quantities, thermal qualities and decorative finish, and we can also put you in touch with experienced render system applicators to complete the work. Our fast, nationwide delivery means that you are never left waiting. Check our product pages for popular render colours that are always in stock, and custom render colours and samples can be winged out to you. Our experienced technical team are here to make sure you save time and money for your build project. Get in touch early in the process and we can provide support at every stage. The SAS Europe customer commitment – simply, we are here to get your job done.
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