7 tips for rendering in winter

7 tips to beat the rendering blues this winter

Rendering in winter can be tough – we asked our Twitter and Linkedin friends to give us their top tips for working this winter. Find a window in the weather, and be prepared!

1. Check the weather forecast for temparatures

Low temperatures can affect the products you are using – check the drying and curing times and watch the forecast for the tempurature dropping at night.

2. Use the right render products

There are renders that are better suited to cold working, a thin coat mineral render can be applied in temperatures as low as one degree, dries fast and can be applied quickly. See our ProRend Mineraltex for rendering in winter.. Make sure you know how each product you are using will react in the cold –  give us a call on 01647 24620 for further advice.

3. look after your tools in the cold

It may be warm enough in the day  but when the temparature drops at night, anything left wet or with water in may freeze solid! A tip from our Twitter feed “Make sure you drain down your hosepipe (and remember the flask!)”

4. Remember your IT equipment

Laptops, tablets and phones don’t like the cold – it can affect the batteries. Try not to store them in cold vehicles for too long or overnight.

5. Take care of your hands

Look after the tools you use the most – your hands. Use barrier creams and moisturisers – keep some in your vehicle. Try and find some gloves that work for you. If they do get cold-cracked, try this tip from Linkedin “Use lanolin cream at night. You may have some to dig out – guys, ask your wife/partner if they have any (best not to ask what it’s for 🙂 It’s a bit sticky, but it is the best!”

6. Remember to drink

It’s easy to get dehydrated in the winter – take a large flask and keep water in your car, as dehydration can lead to lack of concentration. A tip from Twitter: “It’s hard when it’s cold but – drink plenty of water, it can really help when you’re struggling to get through the afternoon, zzz!”

7. Get the right gear

We all know to layer up, and wear a hat (or helmet liner) to keep warm, but we were recommended this high-tech battery heated jacket “Milwaukee heated jacket” from a Twitter friend. We are quite taken with this in the office!
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