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Colour render bead – how to get the best render finish

For a ‘wow’ first impression on your new build you need the best finish. For the best render finish: use the best render and bead products.

Once you have designed and detailed the perfect façade (take a look here at choosing the right render beads to protect it), you are going to be thinking about colour. Whether to match the render colour to the surrounding buildings, to contrast and stand out, or complement materials of the hard landscaping; there may be a specific colour that you need, and it has to be right.

Render beads make a big difference to the appearance, maintenance and longevity of a façade and being a relatively inexpensive part of the process it is worth getting it right.

Specify coloured render beads

You have carefully chosen the PERFECT render colour. (Maybe you had it custom coloured, see ProRend Colourtex.) However, the render bead that will outline and add sharp detail to your design will be WHITE, unless you ask about colour beads.

The right render beads can prevent cracking, staining and give impact resistance, but it takes a closely-matched colour render bead for a high-quality render finish. A high-end finish with reduced labour is achieved by finding a coloured bead that matches your chosen render colour. Avoid drawing the eye from your smooth render, in the perfect shade, to an ill-thought out bead detail. Specify the right colour render bead with your render order.

Custom colour render bead

ProBead render beads come in a standard range of 18 colours, which coordinate with the ProRend and GoRend range of professional renders. These are easy to specify and order together from SAS Europe.

All of the ProBead 34 external profiles can also be made in custom colours. With a large range of colours to choose from, we will match bead colour to your render colour. Order together with custom coloured render from SAS Europe for a unique finish to your exact specification.

ProBead PVCu beads are manufactured in the UK from recyclable materials, all offcuts are recycled and recycled plastic is used in production where possible. The render beads create chip, impact and crack-resistant corners and edges, while protecting the render against abrasion or corrosion from the weather in exposed conditions. All ProBead products conform to BS EN 13914-1:2005, the standard for external rendering, and the major profiles carry BBA certification and are backed by a 25-year guarantee.

Order free samples of colour render bead here, or contact us to talk about custom colour render beads and custom colour render.


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