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Iconic hotel gets self-clean paint makeover

CASE STUDY ProRend at the Great Western Hotel, Exeter

self-clean paint great western The Great Western Hotel, an Exeter landmark dating from the 19th century has been re-finished in ProRend’s breathable Mineraltex render and Self-Clean Paint. Opened in 1848 the hotel has seen many changes and developments, so needed to be returned to former glory.

Self-clean paint finish

Sitting in a high-traffic area and close to the main southwest rail link, the light colour chosen might have been a problem causing high maintenance costs to keep the grand facade clean. But by using ProRend Mineraltex, a breathable and lightweight thin coat render, finished with our Self-Clean Masonry Paint the hotel will maintain its impressive exterior. The self-clean paint finish washes clean in the rain, as water drops gather up grit and pollution deposits and beads them off the surface. The self-clean paint utilises something we have plenty of here in the UK – rain. Adam Powell, Technical Consultant at SAS Europe explained “The paint finish is water repellent, so water beads on the surface. When it rains, the drops roll over the surface, collecting up the dirt. Then it simply rolls down to the ground with the water, leaving the surface clean. If used in a covered or sheltered spot, a hosepipe will quickly clean off debris, with no need for power-washing.”

Case study Great Western akMasonry paint in any colour

ProRend paints are available in more than 65,000 custom colours. Just ask if you would like us to colour match a sample. The low maintenance, breathable finish allows designers and owners to choose the colour they want, without fear of fading or being dulled by dirt. SAS Europe worked closely with the local applicators to ensure their client got the look and finish they wanted, giving an impressive exterior that reflects the service and style inside. Click here to download the case study.
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