no maintenance exterior

A ‘no maintenance’ exterior

SAS answer SOS call

A ‘no maintenance’ exterior for a family home featured in DIY SOS: The Big Build BBC1 Thursday 23rd May at 9.00pm.

SAS Europe were contacted by the DIY SOS team last year looking for a no maintenance exterior solution for a family home in Torquay, Devon.

The directors of family-run SAS Europe, that manufacture and supply exterior render systems and paint products, were moved by the pressing needs of the local family being helped by the BBC show.

“We were pleased to play our small part in this total house rebuild,” said Claire Reddaway, Operations Manager at SAS Europe. “We provided our top-spec ProRend Self-Clean Masonry paint. Being ultra-low maintenance, their house will wash clean in the rain and the family will not have to worry about cleaning for many years.”

The family in need include single dad, Stuart who has Multiple Sclerosis, his daughter and carer 15-year-old Lauren, and Stuart’s mother Lin who is blind and also cares for her son. The DIY SOS project has brought them altogether under one roof with wheelchair access for Stuart and adapted areas for Lin.

no maintenance exteriorThe garden space where they can all be together has been transformed by the BBC team, who chose a custom colour of ProRend Self-Clean Masonry paint in Agate Grey to complement new landscaping and planting. SAS Europe also supplied reinforcing mesh, beading and basecoat for repairs to the existing render.

ProRend Self Clean masonry paint is available in 16 standard colours or can be tinted to a colour of your choice – with over 65,000 to chose from. Highly water repellent, with a flexible silicone base, this high-performing coating is breathable and guaranteed for 10 years.

SAS Europe are proud to join a long list of tradespeople and suppliers that have helped to make this DIY SOS project a reality and help out a local family in need.

FROM DIY SOS: The Big Build:

 Single dad, Stuart (47) has suffered with progressive Multiple Sclerosis since daughter Lauren (15) was born. Stuart - who is 6’ 7” tall – lives and sleeps in a chair in the living-room as he can’t get himself back upstairs without help, and also struggles to navigate the home in his wheelchair.

His primary carer is his mum: Grandma Lin (73) who is completely blind – and has been since her 20’s. Amazingly, Lin has been walking across town from her rented flat to Stuart’s house, 7-days a week to cover all his personal care – without even a guide dog! Lin is beyond unique: blind, independent, charming and inspiring - an incredible carer to Stuart, and a much-needed mum to Lauren. As well as the impractical house, and need for Lin’s practical care – the family are physically, and emotionally, living apart.

Lauren needs Lin more than ever as she copes with her dad’s illness at a key time in her life. She has found her childhood years exceptionally tough. Lauren adores Lin, and their bond is unique and moving. She’s grown up as a young carer, but has also struggled to come to terms with her challenging family situation. Not having Lin at home during those tough moments when life has felt overwhelming, has made this young girl’s journey that bit tougher.

The three generations desperately need uniting under one roof to care for each other physically, and also emotionally. Lin suffers with anxiety over Lauren and Stuart’s situation and how she can’t be there for them, which is putting further pressure on her own health.

Stuart and Lauren desperately need Grandma Lin to be living with them to care for Stuart and to give a stable family life to Lauren – something which she has never had. Not only this, Lin’s daily walks back-and-forth to the home are dangerous – so being at home will reduce the stress and risks for Lin too. This is a much needed build for a family under stress, who don’t know where else to turn.

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