Mineral thin coat render

ProRend Mineraltex is a premium, factory-batched, mineral thin coat render. This high-performing render is available in four colours and is ideal to protect against extreme weather conditions in exposed or damp locations. It can also be painted using our masonry paints available in 65,000+ colours.


  • Scratch proof and chip proof mineral-based render that is resistant to driving rain
  • Hand apply with hawk and trowel or machine spray: finish with ProRend Mineraltex sponge float
  • Speed of application - cover large areas quickly
  • Low maintenance mineral finish
  • Ease of repair
  • Fast drying prevents wash off

Ideal Substrates

  • 7kN, 3.5kN and lightweight blockwork
  • Existing render unpainted
  • New sand and cement
  • Brickwork
  • Pre-cast concrete


ProRend Mineraltex thin coat render is low maintenance. The benefits are:

  • Maintain ProRend Mineraltex by power-washing to clean away any dirt or organic material. no painting required
  • Overcoat ProRend Mineraltex with a ProRend masonry paint to maintain the longevity of the system. Painting is required periodically at least every 12 - 14 years depending upon site conditions – refer to SAS maintenance datasheet for further details.

PROREND Mineraltex

General Information
Packaging25kg Bag
Bags / pallet40
Water/ L~7.5
Coverage per bag~8m2
Shelf Life, months~6
Curing mm/day1
Technical Data EN 998-1: 2010
L1 - Bulk Density, kg/m3~1.4
L1 - Set Mortar Density, kg/m31.33
L2 - Comprehensive Strength, N/mm2~3.50
L8 - Water vapour permeability, μ (EN 1745:2002 4.2.1 Table A12)5/20
Additional Technical Data
Maximum grain size, mm~2.00
E module, coefficient of elasticity, N/mm2~2,700.00
Bending strength, N/mmsup>2~1.50
Mortar group, DIN V 18550PII

Simple Application

Mineraltex is an ideal render for large developments, as large areas can be covered quickly. The substrate must initially be prepared in accordance with the technical specification for the project. This includes the use of a ProRend basecoat applied to the thickness directed for the particular substrate, and may include the use of ProMesh render reinforcing at an appropriate grade for the materials being used. The basecoat is flat finished as appropriate.

ProRend Mineraltex render is applied using a hawk and trowel tight to the thickness of the grain: 2mm. It is important to pull the material out as much as possible to achieve the correct coverage. Always maintain a wet edge between scaffold lifts.

Finish ProRend Mineraltex render with a sponge finishing float, typically within 10 – 20 minutes of application, by agitating the grain to achieve the desired texture.

Contact our Technical team on 01647 24620 for a detailed specification of application for your project.Note the “Simple application” guidelines provided here may not be appropriate for every substrate. SAS (Europe) Ltd take no responsibility for application based upon guidelines provided within this site especially when a specification has not been provided.

Thin coat render application
Top Coat Application

Thin coat render finishing

Ashlar Detailing

ProRend Mineraltex can be used to form such details as ashlar which can be used to create a block effect.

Initially the ProRend basecoat is applied to the substrate as per SAS specification. The basecoat is left until the surface hardens.

Battens are fixed to the façade in line with the location of the cuts. The ashlar cut is then made using the ashlar detail tool and an appropriate
shaped cutter – V shaped and square cutters are the most common.

The basecoat is left to dry as directed prior to the application of the ProRend Mineraltex coat using hawk and trowel. This is based upon the same method included in the Simple Application guide above.

This method of Ashlar detailing can also be used with the ProRend Colour and ProRend Colourtex products.

Ashlar Cut Basecoat



ProRend Mineraltex render is available in four of the most popular colours to complement residential design.

Alternatively ProRend Mineraltex can be painted with ProRend Water-Repellent Masonry Paint or ProRend Self-Clean Masonry Paint. The ProRend range of masonry paints can be tinted to 65,000+ colours including RAL, NCS or BS colours. Contact us to ask about custom coloured paint..

Order a free sample of ProRend Mineraltex here before making your final colour choice. The colours above are an indication only, your free sample will show the texture and colour of the render.

ProRend Mineraltex is a low maintenance render

  • Maintain ProRend Mineraltex thin coat render by power-washing to clean away any dirt or organic material. No painting required
  • Overcoat ProRend Mineraltex render with paint to maintain the longevity of the system. Painting is required periodically at least every 12 - 14 years depending upon site conditions, refer to SAS maintenance datasheet for further details.

Thin coat mineral render provides an attractive finish to a variety of facades and substrates, it is low maintenance, waterproof, lightweight, and breathable. It has colour incorporated into it or can be painted after application. The use of thin coat render has spread across Europe and is popular in the UK and across the continent.

  • Mineraltex render is ideal for extreme weather conditions, coastal or woodland, as the thin coat makes it very flexible and unlikely to crack
  • It is easy to clean with just a pressure washer
  • It can be applied to a variety of substrates

Mineraltex render comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee, and you can ask us about finding a suitable applicator.

Maintenance result
End Result

Pressure Washing dirty wall
Pressure Washing

Dirty wall before cleaning