prorend colourtex grained

ProRend Mineraltex

mtx trowel
With the current boom in the housing industry and the governments pledge to build more houses, we are proud to reintroduce PROREND MINERALTEX back into the PROREND product range. PROREND MINERALTEX; a lightweight, mineral based render is the perfect low cost decorative coating for all PROREND basecoats and sand and cement render. Available in white and over 35,000 colours if painted with PROREND Silicone paint, PROREND MINERALTEX not only provides an attractive finish but also a vast colour palette to chose from.

Pre bagged and mixed with water, PROREND MINERALTEX is simple to apply using a standard hawk and trowel. PROREND MINERALTEX is applied to the thickness of the aggregate, rubbed up with a special sponge float and left to dry. Once dry PROREND MINERALTEX can be coated with PROREND silicone paint.

mtx sponge
For a wider range of finishes PROREND MINERALTEX can be traditionally sponge finished after rubbing up for a more pronounced finish, or used as a Tyrolean or Roughcast finish.
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