CASE STUDY: Premier protection from ProRend


Premier protection with ProRend EIFS

Heston Hyde Hotel Outside 03Situated inside the M25 in Greater London, a stone’s throw from Heathrow Airport, the Heston Hyde Hotel is a prestigious boutique hotel development clad with ProRend EIFS insulated render system. The 303-room complex benefits from the energy saving and heat retaining properties found with the insulated render system ProRend EIFS system.The hotel was designed and constructed as four interconnected rectangles, when viewed from the air it resembles three H’s mimicking this premier hotel’s logo.

IMG 5456Support from SAS

Extensive design assistance and multiple site visits from our technical team ensured the architect’s vision for this high profile hotel could be achieved.

Excellent thermal properties

Platinum grade EPS was chosen as the external wall insulation due to the excellent thermal properties it can deliver at reduced thicknesses. Fire breaks were installed horizontally at every floor and vertically between every room using mineral wool lamella slabs, ensuring the safety of all guests in the event of a fire.

Case study HestonFinished with Colourtex

Finished using PROREND Colourtex Uniform render, this flexible and robust silicone resin finish delivers a low maintenance and impact resistant  facade that will stand the test of time. Download the insulated render system case study here.
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